Gravity Falls game

On the Disney channel website there are a few games for Gravity Falls.

Two of them are just normal cute games.

One where you can create post cards

another where you can race the golf cart.

The third game is a mystery solver though. 

You just click around to find your way out and junk.

Anyway, while I was playing there are these stone tablets and one had a question mark on it.

When I clicked it, it gave me a code much like the ones from the show that needed decoded with three letters back.

It had nothing to do with the game, in fact I beat the game without use of the secret code. 

So, I think they were throwing it out there for people like me.

It said “have you ever noticed Stan’s tattoo?”.

Does Stan have a tattoo?

edit: the wiki page says he has a tattoo of an arrow piercing a heart on his back.

hidden messages

at the end of every episode there is a cute little clip trying to distract you from the end credits

because here’s the real code

at the end of the end credits in every episode there is a jumble of letters

if you decode them three letters back like the theme song thing they give you a message

episode 1: Welcome to Gravity Falls

(this is cute and makes sense with the episode and upcoming episodes)

episode 2: next week: return to butt island

(I get it because in the episode when Soos makes a joke about it being butt island, but they don’t actually return the following week, idk. It doesn’t really make too much sense.)

episode 3: He’s still in the vent

(this makes sense because of the end of the episode)

then we get to episode 4

episode 4: Carla, why won’t you call me?

(this makes zero sense with the episode and the episode’s to follow)

episode 5: Onward Aoshima!

(this is also making no sense, and I Googled Aoshima and got nothing of relevance)

edit: I was told that Aoshima is the director of Gravity Falls

episode 6: ms. caesarian will be next week.

ms. atbash will substitute 

(I have zero clue what that means, maybe we’ll see?)

edit: The latest clue means that they are changing the code. (ms. caesarian is the ceasar cypher, and atbash is another form of cypher.

goggle guy

so I noticed in the episode’s that this guy with goggles was in the background

like I thought it was something silly,

maybe it is.

But, in the theme there is pictures that flash on the screen featuring characters from episodes that have already come out and maybe episodes later to come.

upper right hand corner is goggle guy

another thing I noticed

so Grunkle Stan’s walking stick thing has an eight ball on it

and then in the theme song when they’re panning down the book it says

"code decoder #8"

along with more alchemy that I don’t understand…

it might mean nothing.. or—

the book

so Dipper owns Vol. 3 

and lil’ Gideon owns Vol. 2

I was thinking, the hand has 6 fingers 

so maybe there’s 6 books?

just a thought


back to this image

so I’v been decoding a little bit

first off is the symbols

llama: the llama on Mabel’s sweater maybe?

the hand: from the book

star: it’s the symbol from Gideon’s place from episode. 4

tree: the pine tree from Dipper’s hat

the claw looking thing: the symbol from Stan’s hat

ice: the episode where Dipper see’s the monster and drops a bag of ice?

question mark: mystery shack or Soos  

glasses: Stan?

heart: that was the symbol on Robbie’s shirt 

star: Mabel’s sweater

other little things are:

the numbers all add up to 33

which may mean something?

also, the little symbols that repeat through out the show in the book, on the walls, in the gift shop, etc, is alchemy.

I decoded but it’s all really scientific and I don’t get the connection yet. 

Stan is not what he seems

this is the most known hidden secret in the Gravity Falls t.v. show.

if you listen to the theme around 30 or so seconds in you hear a whisper, the whisper says “three letters back”

at the end of the theme there is this image 

do you see the letters VWDQ LV QRW ZKDW KH VHHPV

if you take those letters and decode them all from three letters back in the alphabet it reads “Stan is not what he seems”

I’m thinking maybe in the book, where it says something about hiding the book so he doesn’t get it, maybe he is Stan?